Comments from past campers:

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There are not enough words to say how wonderful this camp experience was for our son! 2012 was the first year he attended. He only knew a couple of other students and was a bit aprehensive about attending at first. Once there he made fast friends with other students AND the staff. The camp helped him grow in so many ways. He received professional level instruction from staff, his musicianship dramatically improved. The variety of classes that he was able to choose from allowed him to grow in areas that he was personally interested in. When we showed up for the final concert we were amazed by his camp experience. The friendships he made have lasted the whole year and he is really excited to attend again this summer. This camp gave him an advantage at school in the fall. The STAFF is just top notch and seriously all professional level musicians that go to any length to give each and every student every bit of their knowledge and expertise. The housing was good, food was great, staff was unbelievably excellent. Our son came home telling us it was obvious that the staff really cared about each and every student and helping them get the most out of camp! We were so impressed and you will be too if you choose this camp for your student. Now our younger son is excited for the chance to attend Hayward-LaHonda music camp too. We couldn't be more pleased. Thank you Hayward-LaHonda camp!

My daughter has gone to Lahonda for the past five years and is signed up for her sixth. She LOVES it. It is a great combination of music, fun and nature. Lahonda is the highlight of her summer. From my perspective the camp is well run, the instructors are professional and I really enjoy picking my daughter up at the end of the week and hearing the all the bands at camp in the concert.