Fifth Period Electives

Jazz History:

  • Knowledge of jazz style and cultural perspective will be developed through study of musical form, texture, rhythm, and pitch. The contributions of the most prominent artists, as well as, current trends in the music will be explored.
  • Open to all campers

Jazz Improvisation (4 classes, based on experience):

  • Interested campers will be exposed to and gain experience in musical expression through improvisation. Students with little or no experience are encouraged to register for this course.
  • Open to all wind and string players and pianists (keyboard provided)
  • Percussionists may not enroll UNLESS they play drumset or a melodic/harmonic percussion instrument (vibraphone, marimba, etc.)
  • Performances throughout the week

Latin Jazz:

  • Learn the history and basics of Latin Jazz
  • Play some arrangements of Latin Jazz classics
  • Learn to play the rhythms and percussion instruments of the Caribbean and South America
  • Open to all campers


  • Serious students interested in developing the fundamental skills and knowledge for proficiency as a conductor may register for this course. Students will conduct an ensemble of their peers to gain an understanding of the practical application of conducting skills.
  • Open to all senior campers

Music Theory:

  • Beginning to advanced levels of theory will be taught. Level placement will be determined after the theory test given during the first day registration.
  • Open to all.


  • For advanced theory campers in grades 9-12
  • Open to campers with high scores on the morning theory test.

Wind Chamber Groups:

  • Small ensembles of wind instruments are arranged to play music written for their instrumentation in preparation for performances during meals or at a Friday night Ensemble Night concert
  • Open to all wind instruments

String Chamber Groups:

  • Small ensembles of string instruments are arranged to play music written for their instrumentation in preparation for performances during meals or at the Friday Ensemble Night concert (sorry, we cannot accommodate parental attendance for this concert.)
  • Open to violins, violas, cellos, bass violins

Jazz Percussion Techniques:

  • Learn how to play percussion in a jazz band or combo on the drum set and other auxiliary percussion.

Jazz Bass Techniques:

  • Learn how to play bass in a jazz band and combo environments

Vocal Ensemble:

  • A small group singing ensemble, no age restriction.

Arts and Crafts

  • Tie-dye, clay, drawing and other crafts are explored ….
  • Open to all
  • Campers may enroll in ONLY 1 period of Art
  • Art is on display at Final Concert

Wacky arts and crafts!